La Chimera (15)

A group of archaeologists and the black market of historical artifacts.

19:30, 19 July 2024


Set in the 1980s, in the former Etruscan landscape of rural Italy, Arthur, a vagabond-type character, is mourning the loss of his love. A local ragtag group of graverobbers make use of his archaeological skills to find ancient tombs filled with artefacts, but Arthur uses the digs to search for a door to the afterlife, of which myths speak, where he imagines reuniting with her.

Directed by: Alice Rohrwacher

Written by: Alice Rohwacher, Carmela Covino, Marco Pattenello

Starring: Josh O’Connor, Carol Duarte, Vincenzo Nemolato

Duration: 2 Hour 10 mins (+ 5-10 minutes of trailers and adverts)