About Us

Information about the Theatr

Coordinator in Place

Financial support was received from Gwynedd Council in 2019 to develop the Theatr and further improve its facilities. A key step in this process was the appointment of Branwen Haf as a part-time co-ordinator to run the Theatr.

Annual Meeting

The first AGM was held in October 2019. Leading the meeting were Alwyn Jones-Evans, Chairman; Dewi Davies, Secretary and Bethan Aykroyd, Treasurer as well as members of the Committee formed to begin the work. It was decided that these officers would continue for a year, and then three other officers were elected to replace them in 2020. Rhian Thompson was appointed Chair, Marged Gwenllïan as Secretary and Alwyn Dylan as Treasurer.

The AGM adopted the Constitution of the Theatr, which provides a basis for the development of objectives and management arrangements. It was emphasized, for example, that this is a place for everyone, both audience and performers.

The Future

Everyone is eager for the Theatr to succeed and to provide a wealth of entertainment for the people of Penllyn, Edeyrnion, Uwchaled and beyond. But any success depends on the people who live in these areas, both audience and performers, societies and clubs, volunteers, writers and producers.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or offer any ideas: theaterderekwilliams@gmail.com